The Mobile Phone As An Excuse

Posted: March 2, 2012 by Josh in Rants

Do this the next time you’re out and about. Take a look around you at all of the people who are on their mobile phones, doing benign things like checking Facebook and BBM-ing friends. The second that most of them enter the building that they are aiming for, they will put that phone away. Especially when you’re walking somewhere deserted, occasionally you will meet another person coming the other way. As long as they don’t stab you, more often than not they will get their phone out the second that they see you and then put it away the second that they pass you.

Why do they do this? You might ask. Well, nobody nowadays seems to want to talk to anyway. Even just your phatic conversation of ‘Hiya. Nice day for it, ay?’ and such. I can’t possibly understand this because I generally like to look around me and take in the sights. Even in a hold like some areas around me, it can be useful to look around you and take in some conversation. Because, as everyone should know, what you can find out from normal, everyday chatter is fantastic. 

Now go out and pay attention, for all your sakes.


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