Etiquette [Part 3] – Just Help Out!

Posted: May 22, 2012 by Josh in Rants

So, I love people. And messing with people. And socialising in general. You will see that in this post. With that, it’s anecdote time.

I was walking home yesterday, probably at about 11:30 in the AM and I walked past an old woman trying to lug a big bag of what appeared to be cement up her garden path. She gave me a smile that was actually more like a grimace and I returned it. As I walked on, I thought: ‘That’s a pretty huge path…’ and it was. It was probably 20 feet long and at a 55 or 60 degree angle. I instantly asked myself how the hell she was going to get up there with that bag and felt kind of bad. So I backtracked a little and offered her my help to carry it up the path. She accepted, thanked me and I got on with it. I lugged it up the path with an iota of the effort that it seemed to be taking her and she thanked me. We chatted for a second then I took off, waved goodbye and felt good about myself.

All I am saying in this small post is just help out. If you see somebody struggling with something, just help them out. They’re not going to kill you (I hope…) and they’ll probably thank you for it.


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