I Gots A Busted Machine

Posted: June 26, 2012 by Josh in Rants


So, tradegy has struck. My BackTrack machine has a busted something… After an update that I did the other day (fairly large because I hadn’t updated for a few days at that point), I rebooted and got the usual terminal output that you usually see when booting linux. That all seemed fairly normal. But then, tor started to do a little bit of weirdness. Usually, it starts up with linux (or BT, at least) unlike a Vidalia style thing but it usually doesn’t output all of it’s stuff so verbosely so that you see how far through it’s checks it is. So when it starts to do that, I though ‘Oops…’

And it froze. BT5 wouldn’t let itself boot. It hangs on the tor startup and won’t get past it. Even when I plug in the ethernet cable and it hits 100% (Connection Established), it says ‘Done’ and then hangs… I can’t imagine that it will take any longer to boot than the 10 minutes that I gave it. This is bad. Now it WILL NOT BOOT!

This is, justifiably so, the worst thing that has happened to me in quite some time. I haven’t really backed up any of my scripts and I haven’t got any of my spare programs and such on hand anywhere. So I am going to have to remember what these were and re-install them on a fresh install. 

I have tried to fix this but I have NO IDEA HOW TO. I’ve wiped the tor files and whatnot but it still doesn’t work. I, as slightly better than a linux n00b (I can navigate the system by using a shell prompt and whatnot and I know how to grep, cat, nano, vi, etc, but nothing really better than that. Therefore, I have decided that I will just rebuild instead of fix.



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