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Photography 3

Posted: January 16, 2011 by Tom C in Photography

My last post (Photography 2) was highly successful and even got some good spread on the WordPress tag page for photography. I hope you all enjoy these photographs which have all been taken by myself with a pretty basic camera. I’m no specialist but I Hope to prove to you that as long as you have a good view and some form of camera you can take such photos as mine.

The French Alps from the highest accessible Peak in Les Arcs

(This Image has been compressed in order to fit this page, so for higher quality click the image)


Photography 2

Posted: January 15, 2011 by Tom C in Photography, Rants

My second photograph post is here…


Emerald Bay, California.

This proves that there are many places in the world natural beauty;

note, this is thousands of miles away from where I live.

Fugly people and the education system

Posted: January 13, 2011 by Tom C in Rants

I’m just sat in the library when some very disgusting couple walk in and randomly begin to French kiss. It’s a rule of society all methods of passionate should be privatised, epecially people who are not pretty or tidy kissers. French people in Paris having a passionate kiss do it with style and finesse; two dirty college students playing a brief game of tonnsle tennis in a library is just not acceptable. There should be a law preventing such activities in the light of day. I’m not a celibate being, but to me making out clearly in the view of others is like having an open relationship.
  In other news, those currently in year 9 in the UK education system are being forced to be educated until the age of 18… This is the least thought out proposition that the government has cungered up in quite some time. The system will be stretched beyond its limit. Educating the less able people is pointless, give them life skills not send them out to the world with a btech in sport and the false hope that they can all be pe teachers. A levels will be worthless to those who are intelligent and universities will be filled with those who wouldn’t normally consider it because they were forced through education. Utter garbage, that’s what it is.

City Centers

Posted: January 12, 2011 by Tom C in General Anecdotes, Rants

Most people live in a city or within close proximity of one i.e. you only have to spend a maximum of 30 minutes of  travelling by motor power to find yourself within one. There are more and more places in England claiming to be cities, despite them only being a fraction of size of those places we naturally assume to cities; London, Manchester, Birmingham etc. I live on the fringes of Stoke On Trent, one of these up and coming cities, which actually turns out to have some of the highest levels of various class A and B drug abuse… None of which I have ever consumed, unless you count passive smoking of canabis; something you just can’t avoid in Stoke.
I won’t make no mistakes, I am a snoby southerner in comparison to some of the folk you see hanging around in cities. I believe that self preservation is at an all time low. In fact when I was waiting for my bus this evening I was forced by the powers of disturbia to watch a full 30 minutes of two very ugly people doing things that most would consider indecent… Let’s just say there was a lot of touchy feely going on and they had made a mess out of each others necks. I was highly temped to offer some chap stick or maybe the key to my house in order to save our eyes and to relieve the boiling sexual tention between these two frankly fugly people. What’s worse is that the harder I stared I’m sure it looked like the larger more masculine individual was in fact a female. Not that I condem lesbians, but it takes it too far when one starts to reach down the others jeans. Stop! The streets are already filthy enough with the amount of homeless people knocking around chanting death wishes to the David Cameron and his personal assistant Nick Cleg.
Meanwhile i have discovered that power sliding should not be attempted when one who has a side bag on their person.

As a conclusion I will add that I sowed some pumpkin seeds indoors this evening all be it if it is too early. My aim is to produce a seriously hefty pumpkin by using far too many concentrated fertilizers. I’ll keep you posted on this one.


Photography 1

Posted: January 11, 2011 by Tom C in Photography

I find that an image expresses much more than a thousand words. It also saves me the time of trying to provoke some fluidity into my dilute creative juices.

I’m not all ways a sarcastic photographer, sometimes I take a picture which is actually worth some congratulations, but I am yet to receive this congratulations in my preferred form, cash.


Mont Blanc, Christmas Day


Posted: January 11, 2011 by Tom C in Rants

Ok I have a HTC and it has a WordPress application available free of charge just like its Apple counterpart. However I am slightly disappointed by the Android version of this blogging tool. It just doesn’t seem to fit the bill quite as well as the ipod/ iPhone distribution.
  So its seems to me that Android still has some catching up to do with Apple, particularly on the grounds of product quality.


Posted: January 10, 2011 by Tom C in Test Posts


Thin times… Lol…
-The Mechanic

Enter the small one…

Posted: January 10, 2011 by Tom C in Introductions

I here by formally acclaim to be the shortest member on this site. I go by the name of Tom and my style of posting is a mix of ranting about things which annoy me… general trivia and media such as interesting photography. I’m not a Wordsworth, but I love to question the values of society, such as why must old people have greater priority over seating at the front of buses.

I’m not going to blow all of my content in one go so whilst you wait for my future posts I ask you to enjoy this capture…

Remember if you have dementia, don’t forget to find support and advice. This pretty much sums up the majority of UK advertising campaigns.

ttfn, Tom