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Filling in the blanks…

Posted: April 24, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

I’m sure that most of you will be satisfied that this video can be just as entertaining as reading a full rant.

Until next time



They’re telling me that my heart won’t blog again.

Posted: March 21, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

Hello again readers, It’s been a while. The reason for the lack of action on the blog recently is that me and my associates have been busy as of late. I was surprised to hear there was high demand for another post… well one person wanted us to come back and that’s enough for me.

Looking up at the title, noooooooooooooo, I haven’t gone all JLS on you people, there is a point to this… Whilst wondering whether to write about world news, The sheer amount work I have resting on my shoulders or even the incredibly bad soap plots on telly, HOWEVER, I just decided to talk about the crappy song that is going around in my head. There seems to be a whole business in writing music that will just get stuck in your head whether you want it there or not, one such song went viral the last week and, as you may gather, its been going round on replay more times than Iyazs’ iPod. Rebecca Blacks “Friday” was, on first listen, the most terrible pop song I’ve heard this year and to be honest I laughed all the way through it; I don’t know whether it’s the important decision of which seat she should take or her ability to rhyme cereal with bowl, but thousands around the world are listening and laughing just like I did. I’m not denying that it’s a fun tune but there is really no point, if you’ve read any of my previous posts I’m usually quite critical about songs like this, being a fan of a completely different genre (SLAAAAYEEERGHHHH), the same doesn’t go for this song, of course I’m not going to marvel at it and have it on repeat, but I think it’s become, as people have said, a parody of modern pop music in general.

“Friday, Friday, gotta’ get down on Friday”… The lyrics of this song are not the most genius I’ve ever heard, which is just one of the damning thing about this song but it has gone viral all the same, following in the footsteps of other songs such as Beat again by JLS and the aforementioned Iyaz – Replay, I challenge the most hardened music fans not to have heard these songs and have them repeat in your head at least once (mail me at if you disagree). I can listen to the song and not feel the need to hand in my man card, why!? I hear you ask, because I still listen too (SLAAAAYEEERGHHHH) and I can still go and see bands that will make me feel good, god knows what Rebecca black is going to be able to do on tour but she won’t compare one bit to the mighty Black Spiders on the live circuit. As a musically brilliant individual she’s not Trent Reznor but as a pop artist she has fulfilled every criteria.

Message of the day, Judge a book by it’s cover, but maybe the book is still funny to look at.


British Humour

Posted: February 7, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

This time last week it seems, there was an uproar in comments made on long running (and in my eyes completely fantastic) motoring show Top Gear. The comments that the Beeb reported over 70 complaints about concerned the Mexicans and their new sports car, the Mastretta MXT…  Hammond described the car as “lazy, feckless, flatulent, leaning against a fence asleep looking at a cactus with a blanket with a hole in the middle on as a coat” basically reflecting his view of the Mexican people as a whole, for this I applaud him, why? may you ask, because he spoke his mind and made a joke, something which people seem to be afraid to do on our televisions nowadays.

Yes, to those who kicked up a fuss (Ahem the 70 complainers to the Beebs), this was a joke and I laughed SHOCK HORROR. This is why I tune into Top Gear every week that it is on, because it isn’t another period drama full of women in frocks speaking like they’re part of the Royal family and guys that belong in a museum… nor’ is it another ridiculously plotted soap drama involving an annoying cockney woman somehow conceiving a lovechild with an equally annoying cockney dude, only to find out she’s actually a man. Top Gear is truly a breath of fresh air, sure some of the story lines are far-fetched, but they are enjoyable all the same, I am guaranteed a laugh and a show full of good banter and information every time I tune in, so you can imagine my disappointment when I read that the show could be being sued; read the article here

This isn’t the first time the program is in trouble for the comments of the presenters/legends and I doubt that it will be the last. I am not naive enough to think that the whole world has gone mad and has lost it’s sense of humour (yet), but I can see that this is the way that Britain is going… It may not all be a bad thing, but I hope that a sense of humour will still be a recognised term in twenty years.

Here’s hoping eh


I’ve come to realise in the last few weeks of dark weather, increasing amount of study and homework, oxygen thieves and otherwise annoying things in my life, that a source of entertainment is always available in the many memes’ scattered around the interwebs.

I’ve decided to relay the best pieces of knowledge from Philosoraptor, Courage Wolf, Foul Bachelor Frog and the others.

Firstly Courage wolf says… Bite off more than you can chew, Then chew it

This is something I believe we should all live by. Not literally nor’ all of the time, but I believe that this can lead to some of the best things in life. Reading between the lines, you should grab the bull by the horns so to say, If there’s someone you wish to have it out with, punch them in the face… and so on.

Philosoraptor: “Even a clock that does not work, is right twice a day”

Moral of this, don’t write anyone off… they could be useful to you one day or even come round to bite you in the arse, keep your eyes open and don’t underestimate them.

Stay peeled…


Things That Make You Go Hmmm (3)

Posted: January 31, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

The below statement is true…


The above Statement is false.

Top Three Websites

Posted: January 16, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

Just for a little blog, I’m going to tell you about my three favourite sites on the interwebs as of the moment

3. Metal Hammer (… Okay this isn’t too good if your not into this kind of music, but if you are, then this site is an ideal site for News. The almost daily posts keep Metalheads, baying for their music like flies to a light, in the loop. whether it’s talk of the latest Hardcore band on the scene or the long standing metal titans, the site delivers well.

2. Twitter (… Yes, this is a social network site and at least I didn’t put facebook because, unlike said site, Twitter is not full of of Hormonal teenage and sadly grown up boys and girls posting ridiculous drivel, okay I lie there is, (every social network has them) but the difference is, I choose not to follow them, the pool of twitter is incredibly wide, so as too allow me to follow enough people who I find interesting, rather than just having to add people I know. The most of the Hashfags on twitter do come up with posts that I like to read and it offers an easy way to get in touch with others I know on the site.

1. Failbook (… this site never fails to give me the chuckles. The sheer amount of status’s out there that astound me and the hilarity of the frequently keyboard happy Trolls. It is a website that worships the sharp tongue and people who spot an opportunity to completely rip the shit out of some unfortunate soul. All in all this site really, too funny to unfriend.




Playing the Blues(Origin)

Posted: January 16, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

Right here I am, just got back from an incredible gig by Blue Origin, of course with the support of a band which I cannot remember the name of and Vinyl Overdrive all of which were not bad to be honest, however the head liners shined tonight above all the rest… This was the second time I have seen this band and they just keep getting better.

The start of the night was rather slow, the not so bad first band failed to get so much as a disgruntled cough from the crowd, maybe it was just because the older unmoveable people had not yet vacated to the balconies, or maybe the people in the room just thought they were as good as a car crash (albeit an uneventful one) and basically they went down like Justin Bieber in support of Watain, to those of you know who they are good on you, to those who like heavy music god damn listen to it and… to those of you thinking “Justin Bieber is good though” GET THE FUCK OUT NOAW!!

I must say the second band, Vinyl Overdrive was not a bad set, Covers of Nirvana and Iron Maiden where thrown in and surprisingly exceptionally well with a woman behind the mic’, I did find myself enjoying a few of their songs too. However Blur Origin just came and conquered, Nick Pilgrims pipes, not to be faulted by a bad Microphone, shone through and we can see why he has been nominated for best front man in the Rawk awards Vote for him, he does thoroughly deserve this award The set started dramatically with some kind of Brown noise filling the room with a dramatic video playing on two Tv screens, this transformed into the awesome music of Blue Origin, and the Pits that had infrequently appeared below my balcony view were now regularly opening. Seeing the sheer ferocity of things I ventured down to join them, here was the best two moments of my life so far, I’m no stranger to a good pit, but these were something else the action mostly stopped when someone was flung over someone elses’ shoulders and landed precariously he was then hastily carried about by the peeps, luckily this was near the end of the set.

I honestly loved this band today, before venturing down, I witnessed an incredible duet between Pilgrim and Psy Ward of LiViD and having a close up with Pilgrim who, having left the stage and made his way up to the balcony, sang right next to me. All in all, I’m biased because of the good time I had, but I am happy to be so for now as so long as there are bands like these around Rock shall, contrary to news this week, be well and truly ALIVE .

Blue Origin is the way forward Spread the word guys.


Sleep is for the Week

Posted: January 14, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

I am now ending my first week on the blog…

It’s been a good week, I mean, I’ve completed several exams, started up this blog (with teh rest of the people) and now I’m planning to spend This Friday afternoon listening to my beloved music and doing fuck all else. I’m sure everybody universally recognizes Friday nights as the time to chill and forget the week, this time now is for one HELL of a party! Beer, check.

Firstly, the week has been a series of ups and downs, rather like every week of the year but the sheer satisfaction of getting exams done and over with is great. Mondays are always a pain, getting over the weekend and back into the routine, Tuesdays are mildly better, you’re not bored of the week yet but it is still busy, Wednesday is when the days start to get monotonous, Thursday is just painful, and Friday is bad but it comes with the hope that the rest is close. This leaves the two glorious days of Saturday and Sunday to gather the time and make life something fun, there are the odd weekends that are pretty sweet on the scale of things (here’s hoping this one shall be one of them). Anyhows the moral is do shit well, Sleep is for the week and live the weekends fully.


… “Get Back in Line”

Posted: January 11, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

Now to talk about a subject which I am very Passionate about…


After listening to the new album (again) I pondered the question, was it worth buying this? why part with money for something I can get from the internet for free. After pondering for about 5 minutes and 16 seconds, whilst listening to “Brotherhood of Man” from the new album, I came up with the answer to the first question, Yes of course it was worth it!!

It’s tracks like “Brotherhood of Man” and “Get Back in Line” that gives me hope for the music industry. Sure “The World Is Yours” is not going to receive much airplay outside of *deep voice* 106.1 RAWCK RADIO, nor are any of the tracks like “Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye” going to be in the Top 40, this is, in some way, a shame, mainly because I wouldn’t mind a bit of Motörhead coming from the radio on the bus in the morning, rather than having to rely on my iPod for my fix. However the fact is that this is just Motörhead, they have been doing the same thing for many many years, it’s for some people and not for others. If they were to suddenly jump up and say “Lemmy has just had an epiphany, we are now going to scrap the guitars, go electro and make a Radio friendly album with guest vocals of Ke$ha) that, my friends, would not be Motörhead at all (although I would love to hear how it would sound). I am happy to call myself a fan of this band and I applaud their continuing effort over decades of making good music. To conclude, in my opinion, this album is just like every other they have made is incredible and they have certainly delivered “one more fucking time”.

…. And to answer my other question “why part with money for something I can get from the internet for free”? well, some things I cannot answer on a blog, all I can say is that if what I have put above doesn’t go towards answering it then there is no further way to explain.

Thankyou and Goodnight



3:14.. and En-counting

Posted: January 11, 2011 by clahndem98 in Rants

I  sit here now, listening to the new Motorhead album I purchased last weekend, with an exam drawing ever closer (Tommorow in fact), the thoughts that are going through my head, as you can imagine, are few and far between.

In the time of study leave which I have had today, I resorted to browsing music websites to quell my boredom and much as the same as every time I have done this, I’ve come across Idiot after Idiot on the interwebs, which from this day forward I am dubbing “Webtards”. Some of the comments are proof that, with some people, there is no stopping point for the neurons between the brain and the nerves on their fingertips. I do love to browse for music news, it is great when a band I’ve really wanted to hear from in a long time announces something new.. but every time there is someone there to spam. Even bands that I don’t particularly like, but I know will attract negative attention, I click to see the comments nowadays, the comments more amuse me than anything else.

All this browsing makes me tired and the oncoming exam means revision. I predicted that the end of the world was not today at 3:15 as I predicted, but rather the end of my restful time, it means the beginning of hardcore revision for me.

Thoughts for this day then:  Don’t step on a teachers foot, A level Maths Core 2 is painful.